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Sweet Jenny’s Honey

Sweet Jenny’s Honey

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 8 Dec 2016
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  • Address: 333 Malden Road New Malden Surrey KT3 6AL

Tel. 07958715715

Local bee farmer and honey producer, Hayden Sallah knows everything there is to know about bees and has been keeping bees in the Surrey Hills since 2012. He produces, harvests and sells ‘Surrey Hills Honey’ at local farmers markets.

Hayden is passionate about bees and his biggest hives have 20,000 bees in them while his smallest house 5,000.

“Bees eat the honey they make so you have to leave some back for them, especially in the winter when they can’t collect pollen.”

The consistency, colour and taste of honey all depends on the pollen the bees bring back to the hive. Hayden’s bees pollinate the nearby orchard and lavender plantation, although they will travel about five miles from the apiary to find pollen if there is none nearby.

If you are interested in purchasing local Surrey Hills honey or want to know more about Bee keeping, you can contact Hayden Sallah on the details below.

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