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Samosa Love

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 19 Jun 2020
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  • Address: 14 Earle Gardens Kingston Upon Thames KT2 5TB

SAMOSA LOVE offers exciting dishes with dynamic flavours of South Asian cuisine.

Our menu is based around authentic curry dishes, small plates and more specifically everyone’s favorite Asian snack… The Samosa!

Our Samosas are unique in every way- the taste, infusions and design. Our pastry is hand crafted and infused with root vegetables, which results in our unique vibrant & interesting colours. We have developed and tested a range of delicious fillings, both traditional and more bespoke.

Samosa Love was inspired by my mother, she was known in the local community for her delicious Samosas and curry dishes. A busy mother to six children, she always encouraged us to make Samosas together as a family. A line of kids squabbling over who would fill and who would fold – a kitchen filled with fragrant aromas, plates overflowing with triangular-shaped delicious treats, surrounded by a fair amount of untidiness – and that’s what making food with love looks like.

Being the youngest in the family, I took a keen interest in my mother’s cooking. In turn my enjoyment for cooking took me on a culinary journey navigating the grind of a chefs life in bustling London. I studied a range of cuisines and realised my true passion lay in returning to my roots to develop food close to my heart.. and that’s how ‘Samosa Love’ was born!

My philosophy is simple: food made with love, shared with the people you love – Martin George, Chef.