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  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 11 Jul 2018
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  • Address: East Twickenham, UK

Handserenity Holistic Health

Offering relaxing therapies to Adults, Children and employees to help avoid stressand to ignite the immune system and our own ability to heal, generally improving our health. We even offer relaxation therapies for your pet.

Research has shown that stress is on the increase, both in the workplace & in our daily lives. The Governments Health & Safety Executive research figures state that 31.2 million Working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016/17. On average, each person took approximately 17 days off work. Varying from: 9.1 days for injuries, 19.8 days for ill health cases, 23.8 days for stress, depression or anxiety, 17.6 days for musculoskeletal disorders.


Stress is the cause of multiple health issues, fatigue, headaches, migraines, depression, lack of concentration & motivation, anxiety and even more severe diseases. If workplace stress is affecting you, your business or your staff then Reiki Treatments & Courses can help! Sessions can be conducted in your offices fortnightly or once a month in 40-60 minute blocks, for example. The more regular we look after our inner health the greater the results. One-off events can also be very rewarding, relaxing and restorative for everyone.

I am also available to conduct talks & training workshops for all levels of Reiki plus Animal & Crystal Reiki.​