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Handmade Workshops

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 15 Apr 2019
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  • Address: KT1 2PT

Handmade Workshops

Although we met in a Spanish class years ago, we quickly discovered that as well as sharing a love of language learning, we were both mad crafters!

The idea of setting up Handmade Workshops came about, as many things do, over a coffee one morning. Living in an area teeming with amazing artists and craft experts, we wanted to create a space to bring them together and give us all the opportunity to learn from their expertise, whilst at the same time having some fun and escape from daily life. And so Handmade Workshops was born!

We have had a great time researching and trying out workshops for ourselves!

If you fancy trying out one of our workshops, have a look at our website to see upcoming events – we’d love to see you there!  And if you can’t find a workshop you are particularly looking for, please do get in touch and suggest it, we love hearing about new ideas and suggestions for future workshops and potential teachers.

Take time out from everyday life to learn a new craft, rekindle an old one or simply relax with friends and other like-minded people. A few hours of escape and the opportunity to recharge – as well as the chance to learn or develop a creative skill.

Our events are hosted in cafes, pubs, community centres and church halls around the South West London area. We run them during the daytime, weekends and evenings, making our classes accessible to everyone, whatever your lifestyle.

Do feel free to anytime to suggest ideas, offer yourself as a teacher, or simply for more information.