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Halloumi Bite

Halloumi Bite

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 24 Jan 2021
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  • Address: Long Ditton, Surrey, UK

Long Ditton Surrey, England, United Kingdom

+44 (0)789 458 0072

Dimitri Sarris is Greek Cypriot born, now a proud family man living in leafy Surrey. Dimitri left the City to pursue his second love (after his wife and family!) – food, to share his unique take on Greek food – spurred on by his friends, family and clients who previously enjoyed his private supper clubs! 

Dimitri wants his customers to experience hearty, fresh and inexpensive food that will nourish and satisfy any brunch, lunch break or early light dinner. Everyone has fond memories of their holidays and what better way to transport you back to those good times than through your taste buds.