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GoBoat Kingston

GoBoat Kingston

GoBoat Kingston

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 16 Jul 2019
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  • Address: Kingston Riverside

Charter your own electric picnic boat without a licence. The friendly crew at GoBoat will provide boating instructions to ensure you’re fully prepped to drive your very own tiller-controlled boat.

Each boat has seating for eight people around a central table creating a sociable space – even dogs are welcome on board. Passengers are encouraged to bring their own picnic and GoBoat will provide cosy blankets if the weather turns chilly.

The ride is a casual 4mph, the perfect speed for a lazy waterways journey. Designated captains will be given a map to help navigate their way; the route goes up river to Molesey Lock via Hampton Court Palace and down river to Teddington Lock.

GoBoats are powered by an almost silent electric motor, an eco-friendlier alternative to petrol engines. The deck and table are made from sustainably sourced forestry wood and the foam kernel is made from 80 per cent recycled PET – the equivalent of 600 plastic bottles.

GoBoat is making London’s waterways accessible to everyone by providing a truly independent boating experience, seven days a week from 9am until dusk. A one-hour trip starts at £79 which between eight friends is less than a cinema ticket.