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Community Brain

Community Brain

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 11 Jan 2017
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  • Address: Brighton Road, Surbiton, UK

The Community Brain exists to develop community cohesion using the widest range of the arts, education and local history in order to give people and place renewed importance and pride.

The Community Brain is about utilising people’s natural talents and energies to develop stronger communities and relationships. It is about strengthening the natural networking and support that can happen in healthy societies creating more resilient communities. It is about believing everyone is brilliant.

At the heart of all of our work are stories. Who tells the story of your life? How can we create the stories that celebrate our communities? How do you re-imagine and curate your own future story?

We also have a never-ending passion for laughter and play. Many of our community projects start in a place of discovery through smiling, feeling like you are back in the playground, learning about ourselves and others through enjoying our lives and the time and space we share.


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