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Auxilium Administration Services Ltd

Auxilium Administration Services Ltd

  • Author: peter
  • Date Posted: 27 Nov 2019
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  • Address: KT3 6DD

Alex Hughes, Founder of Auxilium Administration Services Ltd ( Auxilium Admin ) is based in Kingston upon Thames and she provides a range of Administration services to support businesses remotely or at your premises, giving you back that precious time to focus on your business, work on it and help it to grow and elevate it in it’s field of expertise.

Auxilium Administration Services Ltd
07966 456734
Mon – Fri 9am5pm

Location KT3

How many times have you said to yourself – “I will do that tomorrow” or  “I will do that next week” and then you put that ‘TO DO’ on your ‘TO DO list’?

So what happens next ? well,usually that list gets longer and longer and then all those important and time constrained items, get lost in the depth of that list.

AUXILIUM ADMIN provides a friendly service to review your administration processes, procedures, projects and tasks and gets you back on track with your ‘ADMIN’.

Alex sees herself as your ‘LIFEBOAT‘ saving the day and then your ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ showing you the way. She takes pride in making a difference to your business, supporting you with a safe pair of hands and on a basis that suits you.