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My OsteoPATH to Wellness

My OsteoPATH to Wellness

My OsteoPATH to Wellness

July 102020


ONLINE available

“Find your Zen” Women’s Workshops Life coaching ADHD Life coaching
Stay active and out of pain, achieve your goals whilst optimising your overall health…starting from now!

Why choose us and why start now?
Experience as an Osteopath and Life coach
adds knowledge and perspective to my work as a
Fitness Coach and Sports Massage Practitioner.

As a wellness enthusiast I also provide:

  • lifestyle tips for pain management
  • personalised posture and strength rehab
  • breath work and relaxation
  • life coaching

for an ALL-IN-1 to wellness!

I recognise good health is more than a physical component so I have many skills to get you the best results.

I started my 4 year Osteopathic medicine degree in 2010, covering anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology etc.

I can help you transform your life and get back to doing what you love fast, whilst preventing future issues.

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We are currently offering limited free therapy to NHS frontline staff, have extended offer to Kingston Hospital Opening hours remain the same

Online counselling, mental health check-ins, 30 minute stress relieving sessions via secure video calling, Webchat (WhatsApp) and Email.

We are working with a pool of local counsellors and therapists who are willing and able to volunteer/offer free support to NHS and Key Workers in the Surbiton & Kingston area.

Please contact us if you’d like to support our scheme.

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Sages Health Store
April 162020

open to serve at the door Monday to Friday for things people know what they want and refills 10am-6pm

Closed on Saturday and Sundays

website is running but slow dispatch as my suppliers don’t have everything in stock

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Caroline Michael Therapy

Caroline Michael Therapy

Caroline Michael Therapy

March 302020

Operating hours : I am very much still operational as I am able to see clients remotely via Zoom.  Mon – Friday 10 – 5pm.

Delivery and any charges – N/A  – £70 per session on a Bi-weekly Basis or £50 per session on a weekly Basis.

Online/website details –  Email, Phone – payment options in addition to K£. – : 020 8972 9176  : Bank Transfer :I offer a free 30 min telephone consultation before the first full session.

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Operating hours:- All day Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday for private Distant Reiki Sessions and Cranio-Sacral therapy treatments and meditation and Free Monthly Group Distant Reiki sessions.

Delivery and any charges:- Delivery via zoom / skype – special only during COVID-19 – £25.00 or via donation

Online/website details:- Email, Phone – payment options in addition to K£ Email :- Phone :- 075444 93708 Payment :- K£ or Bank transfer

To make an appointment email or text message. For update and session follow me on Facebook @ stephedwardsreiki and Instagram @steph.edwards.holistic

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Up & Running

Up & Running

Up & Running

March 302020

As things stand Up & Running’s ONLINE service remains open and as ‘socially responsible’ physical activity has been encouraged, our commitment is to continue serving the running / fitness community with our usual high standards.

Fitness, physical and mental has never been more paramount. These are unprecedented times, and staying fit, healthy and safe are incredibly important.

To take part in this movement for health at this challenging time please do visit us online as we are more than happy to serve you, all be it virtually.

Go online at and kick start your own personal fitness movement.

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As a Relationship and Life Coach, I want to support my community in giving a FREE 45 minutes of consultation via Zoom or Skype.

My new business email is, and my website is No, charge for my service until the Coronavirus crisis is over, but people can make a donation after they receive my Free consultation. Discount available for those want to buy my book ‘The 10 Amazing Steps to Success’ £10 instead of £15, the reader over 65 doesn’t pay the delivery service for the book!

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House of Self

House of Self

House of Self

February 242020
“House of Self is a contemporary counselling, psychotherapy and coaching service based in Surbiton. House of Self was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective; to offer contemporary therapy at an affordable price. We strive to offer a belonging service that is inclusive of everyone and our therapists and coaches very much reflect this. All practitioners are fully insured, receive regular supervision and are registered members of at least one professional organisation. We hope your experience with us allows you to find home, within yourself”
We offer a low-cost counselling service which is run by our trainee therapists or those who are nearing the end of their training. All student therapists are registered student members of the BACP or equivalent, fully insured and in regular supervision.
Phone: 0203 488 4682
Watsapp service: 07932 905 819
Instagram: @houseofself_
Twitter: @houseofself_
Facebook: /houseofself
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1) Operating hours – 10am to 4pm mon to sat and closed sunday time being
2) Delivery and any charges – we are trying to organise delivery at the moment so hopefully it will happen soon
3) Online/website details – we dont have an online store but can take payment over the telephone and place orders by email   we are happy to take these orders and payment by phone if you can come to the store to collect or have someone come on your behalf
4) Email, Phone – payment options in addition to K£ – see above

Tel: 020 8546 7806

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Sage’s Health Store

Sage’s Health Store

Sage's Healthfood Store

July 312019

24 Brighton Road

Phone: +44 208 241 1006



Hi and welcome to Sage’s Health Store. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about my story.

I’m Sage; I’m a qualified pharmacist with over 20 years of experience in the industry and have a passion for natural health and wellbeing.

Back in 2003 I bought an independent pharmacy in Covent Garden. It was here that I hired a herbalist/naturopath and introduced food intolerance testing, reiki, reflexology and homeopathy.

I now believe strongly that good health comes from both what we put in and, also importantly, on our bodies.

Within five years I’d replaced my entire stock with natural products: think shampoos, body washes, skincare, makeup and even dental floss! I also started recommending natural alternatives for health care instead of conventional medicines.

In 2017 I decided I wanted to do something closer to home to follow my passion: I’ve lived in Surbiton all my life and absolutely love the area, so I knew that this would be the dream location for a new business.

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Berrylands Pilates

Berrylands Pilates

Berrylands Pilates

April 162020

Berrylands Pilates

07843 590 895

I am offer online mix ability pilates classes on Tuesdays at 8 pm and Wednesdays at 10.30 am Balance and strength classes on Wednesdays at 2 pm. Initially designed for parents who have done Better Bone classes with Kingston Council , but anyone welcome. I offer a free online one-to-one 30 min session for new clients. More details are on my website: www.

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Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach

Arctic Nut

February 122019

Operating hours Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and 7pm-8.30pm, Sat/Sun closed

All my services are online via video / phone

Email /phone 074 63 770 222 – payment options card, invoice or PayPal + K£


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Handserenity Holistic Health

Offering relaxing therapies to Adults, Children and employees to help avoid stressand to ignite the immune system and our own ability to heal, generally improving our health. We even offer relaxation therapies for your pet.

Research has shown that stress is on the increase, both in the workplace & in our daily lives. The Governments Health & Safety Executive research figures state that 31.2 million Working days were lost due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries in 2016/17. On average, each person took approximately 17 days off work. Varying from: 9.1 days for injuries, 19.8 days for ill health cases, 23.8 days for stress, depression or anxiety, 17.6 days for musculoskeletal disorders.


Stress is the cause of multiple health issues, fatigue, headaches, migraines, depression, lack of concentration & motivation, anxiety and even more severe diseases. If workplace stress is affecting you, your business or your staff then Reiki Treatments & Courses can help! Sessions can be conducted in your offices fortnightly or once a month in 40-60 minute blocks, for example. The more regular we look after our inner health the greater the results. One-off events can also be very rewarding, relaxing and restorative for everyone.

I am also available to conduct talks & training workshops for all levels of Reiki plus Animal & Crystal Reiki.​

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Kittys Kombucha
80 Colne Road

Kitty’s Kombucha was founded five years ago on a lush, tropical island in the Gulf of
Thailand. It began as a rootsy beverage company which produced delicious kombucha appreciated by many amongst the island’s healing arts scene and beyond. Its ethos was fun, variety, balanced living, and celebration of life and the natural world.

Then, as now, the cue for inspiration behind the process and different brew flavours has always come from nature – using a studied mix of fruit, spices, herbs and flowers, as juice or potent tisanes (herbal teas). With that, grew the commitment never to use anything artificial to flavour or preserve the brew, and always to offer the kombucha raw, live and unpasteurised, just the way it was intended on the steppes of Central Asia all those centuries ago…

In 2016 Kitty’s Kombucha upped sticks and moved to London, the hometown of the founder, to consider the idea of starting a kombucha brewing company locally.

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A little Holistic Oasis
January 112017

I am open for:
Resilience building and Stress Management Coaching .. How to help manage Stress and Anxiety.
Monday to Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm by appointment.
Telephone: 020 8339 9448
Skype: ericamferrar28
Special Offer (Normally £85 for 75 minutes)
30 minutes .. £30
45 minutes .. £40
60 minutes .. £50
Payable by bank transfer available.

0208 3399 448


K£ username = holistic

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  • Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy
  • Soft Tissue therapies for all your aches, pains and injuries.
  • Sports rehab, Injury prevention and event preparation
  • Hollistic (Swedish) Massage

3rd Floor Surrey House, 34 Eden Street, Kingston upon Thames



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Kay Galbraith
January 112017

Kay Galbraith

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